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John Rebholz

For County Commissioner

So why am I running for Commissioner?

Beaufort County is a Gem and has all the resources to do so much better. There is no good reason our county cannot grow good paying jobs, retain our young adults and grow our tax base.

To accomplish this we need Commissioners willing to work hard, have a vision and dedication to all the people of Beaufort County. I am that type of person and I will work to solve the issues that prevent us from being better.

The Leadership Our County Needs

To move forward, the Board needs strong Leadership.

In a short two months I pushed for the Jail Committee and the re-establishment of dialogue with the School District. Two big problems that no one was addressing.

My career has been one of solving problems, not sweeping them under the rug.

Leadership also means being willing to listen to others, even if you don’t agree with them. That’s what good leaders do.

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A Vision For The Future

I believe we can create a stronger County, one that provides opportunities for our young adults.

I also believe that our problems, be it limited voting or the jail are solvable by us.

I believe that we can work together as a team and expand existing businesses and attract new industry. But this takes Leadership and I believe I bring that to the Board of Commissioners.

If you share in my optimism and vision for a stronger Beaufort County please donate.

Unfortunately campaigns of any type take money to allow my message to be spread among the voters.


Actionable Issues

In my view there are five things we need to focus on.

Some are problems and some are opportunities.


How we elect our county commissioners:

We need a better method of electing County Commissioners. As Keith Kidwell, our State Representative said, “I have never met anyone who thinks our election system works”. Under this limited voting system no one is held accountable as a County Commissioner. They can and do develop their own audience which enables them to stay in office.

This is a complicated issue, going back 30 years and the Board has refused to address it. Why? As Commissioner Deatherage stated back in 2005, “I enjoy the limited voting because I feel secure on this Board with limited voting, but it probably is not best for the people in Beaufort County”.

That’s right, District Voting would hold the Commissioners accountable and certain ones don’t want that.

Growing the private sector:

The County needs to have a comprehensive and supported plan to grow private sector jobs. Again not an easy problem to tackle, but one the citizens of Beaufort County deserve to have tackled.

Economic development requires that we understand the needs of companies and work with them to meet those needs. It requires that all the players’ work together to support the plan. Most importantly development or job growth requires a workforce capable of meeting the demand of business. Working with the School District and the Community College we can and must have a ready workforce. More about that next.

The number one Item I am working on is to grow the tax base in Beaufort County.?  What does that mean? It means to increase the taxable value of the real/personal property in the county by expanding existing businesses, growing new business and homes. The Commissioners have raised the tax rate over the last six years partially because we have not grown the tax base.
Since 2016 the County has lost $367,491,540 in taxable property and that equates to $2.5 million in tax revenue.
I want to change this direction and begin to grow the tax base. When I became a Commissioner 10 months ago I began visiting manufacturing businesses in the County. The all voiced the same message, WE CAN EXPAND OUR BUSSINESS AND EMPLOYEES IF WE COULD FIND WORKFORSE READY PEOPLE. Business and employee growth equal an increased Tax base.
So how does that work? We need to build a partnership between the Beaufort County School District, Beaufort County Community College and business to produce the students that business’s needs. We cannot continue to ignore the needs of local business. I have been and will continue, if re-elected, to advocate for that partnership. We can provide good paying jobs for the youth of this county; we can keep them in Beaufort County and we can grow the tax base.
By focusing on increasing growth, we will not have to increase the tax rate, in fact if strong enough it could actually decrease the rate. This is a longer process than just raising the rate but it’s is well worth the results.

Improve our schools:

Meeting the workforce needs of business requires we improve the School District performance. As you know the Beaufort County School District is rated just average by the State. We can do better – your children deserve better. The first step is to begin talking about the issue. We all share in this and in the responsibility to improve the performance because we all share in the results.

Once again, we cannot have Economic Development without a workforce capable of quickly adapting to the technology companies use.

Supporting our First Responders:

A lot has improved in recent years with our First Responders’ skills and techniques. They are saving the lives of Beaufort County residents. I will work against any attempt to lower the quality of the services they provide.

All the citizens of this county deserve a high level of service.

The second thing on my platform is the protection of the quality of the service of our First Responders. This brings us to the faceoff between the and the Sheriff’s Office on October 5th. Back in March, with the Covid outbreak, the Commissioners placed a hiring freeze on all County departments including five open positions in the Sherriff’s Office. We did this because of dire revenue forecasts and to avoid layoffs if those forecasts are accurate. As most of you know, the Sheriff demanded the Board unfreeze those five positions. Unfortunately, this became strictly a political issue and not about doing what is in the best interest of the residents. Go figure, I think there is an election upcoming.
At current staffing there are only five deputies on the road at any one time covering the 850 square miles of the county with a river running down the middle. I am not interested in the power fight between Hood Richardson, the Democrats and the Sheriff. I am interested in doing the right thing for the residents of the County. Therefore, I support re-instating these deputy positions. The money is there. We have authorized the filling as many as 12 positions that have become open since the freeze, denying none. In June, the Board passed a resolution that in part said “That Beaufort County’s Commissioner’s promise the Beaufort County Sheriff the Commissioner’s full support.” How quickly we forget.
It is interesting to me that in this County I am opposed by Republican Candidates that do not support the Republican party, run attack ads and make faults statements.
I’m asking for your support because we can move this county forward.

Resolve the jail issue...

…once and for all.

From my first day as a County Commissioner this issue has been raised by citizens, staff and other Commissioners. A lot of people have their idea of what should be done and they are all over the board. We need to start from the beginning, identify the extent of the problem and what it is costing the county. Believe it or not, they can’t tell you.

As a member of the Jail Committee I pledge to be methodical about our investigations and not jump to solutions. We need to review all costs and options. Our job will be to determine the right solution for the residents of the county. It may range from doing nothing to building a new jail, but there are a lot of options in between.  We do not need the state shutting down our jail as they did in Nash County.

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Working with our Schools

Our schools should be the source of talent to fill the needs of business and industry in Beaufort County. Working together, we can fill these needs. The first step is to begin talking with companies to understand how well we are meeting their needs and what we can do...

About John Rebholz

I have been drawn to the many needs of Beaufort County.

As a result, I am involved with several organizations that are trying to make a difference in the lives of the residences of the area. These include being the Board President of Ruth’s House and serving on the Boards of Inner Banks Legal Services and the Beaufort County Community College Foundation.

In the past I served as Treasurer of Open Door Community Center. I am an Elder at First Presbyterian Church and have served on several of their Commissions.

For seven years I served as an elected member of the Board of Directors of Cypress Landing HOA, three years as their President.

I grew up in Michigan. Following college I married my best friend, Shelly, and started working at Montgomery Wards in retail. I served in the US Army Reserve as a medic. I spent 31 years at Ford Motor Company in Sales and Marketing. In these positions I managed large and small organizations, dealt with $150 million budgets and built business plans. Eventually that career brought me to eastern North Carolina in 2001 where I retired from the corporate world in 2004. Following retirement, I started a small business consulting firm where I assisted both new and experienced companies with profitability, sales and customer service.

All of my experiences have built my core values:

  • Finding ways to work together to achieve the organizations goals.
  • Fiscally conservative. In public service it is not our money. In private service, set priorities and don’t be tempted by unfounded ideas or whims.
  • Ask probing questions and verify answers.
  • If you are going to get involved give your all.
  • And, Love your family and God first.

Mission & Values

I truly believe we all must answer the question “Why am I here?” For Christians, the answer should be easy; we are here to share God’s word and honor Him.

For elected officials, it must also be about doing what is in the best interest of our county, state and Country.

I believe government has a limited role in providing services and regulations that a citizen cannot provide for themselves.  I also believe we can and must do a better job of providing those services without raising taxes.

We need to focus on those things that will really make a difference in the lives of County residents.

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How You Can Get Involved

  1. Contribute – the button allows you to make a contribution to the Committee to Elect John Rebholz
  2. Put up a yard sign – send me an email at john@johnrebholz.com
  3. If you have a group that would like me to speak about the issues Beaufort County faces send me an email
  4. If you would consider hosting a meet and greet where I could meet for your friends again email me

News & Updates

Working with our Schools

Working with our Schools

Our schools should be the source of talent to fill the needs of business and industry in Beaufort County. Working together, we can fill these needs. The first step is to begin talking with companies to understand how well we are meeting their needs and what we can do...

Covid-19 Update April 9

Covid-19 Update April 9

Tonight's update includes some great graphic for face masks. While the cases stay low the model says cases will increase. Please use a face mask if you go to a store.  I was on a conference call with Senator Tom Tillis today and he his strongly advocating for use of...

Campaign Committee

Campaign Committee

My campaign committee is working to help me win this election. Contact me to see how you can help too! Don't forget to follow my campaign on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CommissionerJohnRebholz/

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Please Support My Campaign!

When you click the “Donate” button, you’ll be able to support my campaign using either credit card or your Paypal account.

Learn About Voting in Our County

Please Support My Campaign!

When you click the “Donate” button, you’ll be able to support my campaign using either credit card or your Paypal account.

For one stop same day registration and voting.

An individual who is qualified to register to vote may register in person and then vote at one of these four sites during the period of one-stop voting. To register and vote under this statutory provision, you must:

  1. Sign and complete a voter registration form, attesting that you meet each eligibility requirement under law. Such attestation is signed under penalty of a Class I felony.
  2. Provide proof of residence by presenting: a North Carolina drivers license; a photo identification from a government agency; or a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document.

Registration Requirements
To vote in Beaufort County, you must be:

  • A U.S. Citizen
  • A Resident of North Carolina and this county for 30 days before the election
  • At least 18 years of age on or before the next general election
  • Not registered and not voting in any other county or state
  • If convicted of a felony, your rights of citizenship have been restored


Learn About Voting in Our County

Please Support My Campaign!

When you click the “Donate” button, you’ll be able to support my campaign using either credit card or your Paypal account.

Voting is our most precious right as an American and the most important pillar of a democratic Republic.

This first video will focus on Registration and absentee voting. I will cover only the requirements and not interject politics into this. I will spend more time on how to vote from home, recognizing those who cannot go to the Board of Elections or don’t wish to. The process for them is more difficult.

So let’s start by asking if you are registered in Beaufort County. If you aren’t or don’t know the Board of Elections will help. You can go to the Beaufort County NC Board of elections website and click on the “Are you Registered” on the right of their home page. Just fill in your legal name (not nickname), year of birth, click on the county box and select Beaufort. Then tap search. This will return either your information or it will say “No results found”.

If no results comes back, you must register and you have a couple of choices:

  • Call the Board of Elections at 252-946-2321 and they will mail you an application. Also, ask them to send you the Absentee Ballot application. Fill the forms out, following the directions attached, sign them and return them by mail or have them delivered by a close relative.
  • If willing and able, go to the Board of Elections Office, 1308 Highland Drive behind Vidant Beaufort Hospital.
  • Return to the Board of Elections Home page and on the right side click on “Voter Registration”. You will have to print it out, fill it out, sign it and mail or have it delivered by a close relative to the Beaufort County Board of Elections. Also, print out the Request for Absentee Ballot and do the same. Again, return it as previously indicated.

All forms must be returned by October 27. However, we know the mail is slow so act now. The absentee ballots will be mailed beginning September 4. Absentee ballots must be postmarked on Election Day and be received by the Friday following the election to be counted.

Voting Schedule

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